Awarded Best of the Best Hotels in Costa Rica – Hunter Travel Guide

Awarded One of the Fifty most Special Hotels in the Words – Mexicana Airlines

HEAD BUTLER – Read Jesse Kornbluth’s great article about Iguana Lodge.

It’s a jungle out there; It’s a jungle in here, too.

… Along the way, I had fascinating poolside conversations of the kind you kinda sorta remember from late nights in college. In a location with few electronic diversions, every conversation and experience is unusually vivid. And no matter what you’re talking about, one message comes through: surfaces deceive, people are not who they may seem to be…. Read the Full Article


Symbiotic Travel: A Yogic Eco-Immersion by Crawford Hill

…a symbiosis of a Yoga Retreat and an Eco-immersion expedition, which truly opened the minds of all involved in this new type of intricate relationship …. clients with a yoga practice at home who were willing to try a new approach to yoga and to travel… Read the Full Article


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