Fabulous Food

The Iguana Lodge kitchens proudly present fabulous food crafted by talented, imaginative individuals – created daily by our wonderful Costa Rican staff.  We, the owners, live and eat here – everyday … so the food needs to be up to par, exceedingly delicious, tastily finessed, with lots of variety, high notes, bass notes … healthy with some occasional decadence.   

We have two restaurants: The Iguana Rancho and The Pearl of the Osa Beach Bar & Grill.  The Iguana Rancho serves fab breakfasts on the garden veranda, and offers epic fine dining experiences in the evenings.  Check out our menus here.

The Pearl Beach Bar and Grill is a public restaurant and bar (a great place to meet the locals), and offers a wide variety of fresh and tasty lunch, snack, and dinner options, not to mention refreshing cold beverages – try the Craft microbrew beer, frozen lemonade, and homemade ginger spritzers.

I've traveled all over the world and I've stayed in lots of great hotels, I've eaten all kinds of fabulous food Iguana Lodge tops all of those experiences.

LauraM576 Washington, DC Trip Advisor December 19, 2015