There are basically three seasons – the dry season (December – April), the wet season (May – August), and the possibly very wet season (September through November).

  • Climate – Weather in the tropics can be hot and humid at times, although not nearly as bad as summer in south Florida.  Our lodge’s proximity to the ocean gives us a daily breeze.
  • From December through April the temperature is normally in the high 80’s, generally sunny and hot.  Lovely!
  • Rainy season starts in May and the daytime temperature is a few degrees lower; it is a surprisingly pleasant time of year to visit as it normally just rains in the afternoons and evenings.
  • September through early December marks the real rainy season.  Usually for about one week out of that period (who can guess when?) we will have a solid downpour for a week, nonstop.  Flooding may occur.  (During this season, some of our employees and tour operators take vacation, so check with us if you have a certain tour is mind, or employee you are counting on meeting).
  • San Jose weather is different than Osa weather, as it is in a mountain valley and can be quite cool and windy.

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