Upcoming Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings

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April & May 2017 

Movement Exploration with Shira Yaziv

29 April to 6 May, 2017

Contact: Shira Yaziv
Telephone: 510-289-1733
Email: shira@athleticplayground.com

3 movement sessions per day!

ACCESSIBLE to everyone.

This week-long retreat will be a unique VACATION that will encourage you to BE IN YOUR BODY!  Three daily movement exploration sessions will include learning new skills, improvisation, and developing body awareness. There will be plenty of free time to explore the tropical jungle, swim in the ocean, and chill by the pool as scarlet macaws fly overhead.

Shira Yaziv enjoys encouraging people to move in new ways while learning skills and being creative.  Her background is in Capoeira, Circus Arts and Dance. Shira is the co-founder and owner of Athletic Playground, a dynamic indoor play-space, inspiring physical play through a wide variety of movement classes.  Read more below, and checkout the Facebook page here.  Check out this crazy video.

Come join us at Iguana Lodge for a week of movement exploration and relaxation at this gorgeous place!


Teacher Training with Shades of Yoga

15 May to 7 June, 2017                           Shadesofyoga-logo-(1)


Contact:Tracey Rohan Irwin
Telephone:+62 821 400 76795

A transformative Yoga Teacher training experience!

Shades of Yoga are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to be involved in a ‘live in’ deep immersion yoga teacher training in the jungles of Costa Rica.

This RYT 200 Hour course will be centered on the themes of finding and connecting to your deep inner level of consciousness and using the pristine and peaceful environment of Iguana Lodge to return to that which matters, conscious awareness. This training will focus on creating space for a true inner peace that is hard to find in the hustle and bustle of modern-day living. Students qualify with the international Yoga Alliance yoga instructor qualification.

Costa Rican Pura Vida and Yoga – the perfect match!

What better place to start your Yoga Journey as a qualified yoga instructor?



August 2017 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Energizen

19 August to 2 September, 2017  

Contact:Cynthia Maher
Telephone:+1-514 779-1261


Learn to teach yoga in the jungle paradise of the Osa Peninsula!

Live and breathe the Costa Rican jungle and spirit as you immerse yourself in your YTT.

Whether you are interested in learning to teach yoga or simply deepen your own practice, expand your self awareness and transform your life, this Yoga Teacher Training is committed to the personal success of every participant. The participants will be immersed in a program rich in the full spectrum of all that is yoga: vibrant, purposeful, authentic, conscious, joyful, balanced, sacred, spiritual and transformative.

This training will have you certified in the most popular and in demand styles of teaching. You will learn to develop your own sequences based on the needs of your students and based on what is authentic to you. You will have the foundation to lead others confidently, knowledgeably and safely.

Looking forward to being part of your journey.


Join us in this perfect setting for transformation and Pura Vida!



January 2018 Check out the line up!

John Bagnulo and Jan Buhrman

6 January to 13 January, 2018

Contact: Jan Buhrman
Telephone: 508-645-5000
Email: Jan@kitchenporch.com
Living the Good LIfe ~
Nutrition & Cooking Classes with Daily Yoga!
with John Bagnulo and Jan Buhrman
How do we define the good life?
Through health and well being!
We are all different.
Our bodies, our genetics, our medication, our histories, our diet, our lifestyles, our exercise regimens, are all different.
We can look at the research, we can learn from each other, and we can tune into how we feel. We can give solid evidence for how food affects our bodies and teach solid nutritional practices. We can experience different ways to get exercise and reduce stress and get outside everyday and we can learn how to take deep breaths and laugh!  Each of these components can provide us with information that
we can come to understand as what works best for our own health.
What does this all mean? Who do I listen to?
Yourself. Yup, that’s who. YOU!
So come along to Costa Rica where you can melt away the daily routines and consider new ones, learn about the latest research in nutrition and health, eat great meals, practice new routines and live the good life and consider taking these practices home with you!
John Bagnulo, PhD, MPH, One of the foremost experts on food and health.
John’s lectures and discussions place food at the center of a web that stretches from human physiology to our fields and from our ancestors to our kitchens. His talks and or lectures are sure to enlighten and entertain even the most well read and informed on the topic of nutrition and health. John Bagnulo has worked as a nutritionist for the past 18 years. He has also worked as an assistant professor and faculty member at universities and several non-profit organizations.  John holds a Masters of Public Health from the University of North Carolina and a Doctorate from the University of Maine.

Full Moon Retreat w/ Trisha McBride & James Hardy

28 January to 3 February, 2018

Contact: Trisha McBride
Telephone:  718 974-8950
Email: trishamcbride@gmail.com

Join us as we gather and ground from our highest selves in paradise. Our goal is to quiet the mind so may listen and hear our true hearts’ desires.  We gather to work our hearts intentions together in the collective energy for the new year.

 We will prepare for the first full moon of the new year through yoga, tantric yoga, belly dance, restorative yoga and deep meditation. When the moon reaches full we raise our collective vibration to launch ourselves into the new year fully realized in our potential.
This retreat is designed to assist you by waking up to your highest goals and aspirations from your heart’s voice, so you may begin living the life you have always dreamt of. Get ready to call in and create all that you are ready to receive for your best year yet.

(Trisha is coming back for her fourth retreat!  YAY!)


February 2018 

Kari Jacobsen and Theresa Briggs

3 February to 10 February, 2018

Contact: Kari Jacobsen 



Theresa Briggs



BACK AGAIN??  Are you kidding me!? LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!

Need a getaway in the middle of winter to relax, do yoga and be surrounded by nature? I’m co-leading a yoga retreat to Costa Rica with my dear friend, Theresa Briggs. We offer a variety of yoga styles, depending what the day calls for. Did I mention monkeys sometimes swing in the trees while we practice, hammocks are on every porch and the food is the most colorful bounty of deliciousness you could imagine? Yoga in one of two gorgeous studios every day. A stunning beach. Pool & hot tub. Hammocks. Amazing, healthy food from their incredibly talented chef. Optional massages, excursions and activities. FUN. Take a minute. Think back to last winter.  For Facebook fun about last year’s retreat, click here.


Susan Himml Yoga and Nature Retreat

10 February to 17 February, 2018

Contact: Susan Himml
Telephone: 508.284.2600
Email: shimml@yahoo.com

Come escape the long winter at this all-levels, all-ages, all-abilities Yoga and Nature Retreat.   Leave your worries at home and explore within through yoga, meditation, relaxation, sun bathing, beach combing and nature walks.  You can also explore outside of yourself with optional excursions offered in the jungle and at sea. And did I mention the food?  It is absolutely amazing, and 3 meals per day are included in your week long retreat. Susan has been leading yoga retreats since 2006 and is inspired every year at how magical the experience is.  Without the busyness of work and everyday responsibilities, participants are free  to be themselves and explore the journey to the heart.  Tapping into our adventurous spirits we feel more empowered and connected to ourselves, each other and to our source. In addition to being a R.Y.T. since 2002, Susan holds a M.S. Degree from Lesley University in HR Management and B.S. Degree in Organizational Behavior from Babson College.  She is a certified Primordial Meditation Teacher at the Chopra Center in San Diego and is certified Holistic Health Counselor at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Her yoga training has been eclectic, including astanga, iyengar, vinyasa and yoga for kids and seniors.  She teaches with patience and compassion, and encourages her students to see beyond their self-imposed limitations.  She also uses her skills and experience from a previous career in Leadership Training to design and adapt each group event.


Sarah Croce

17 February to 24 February, 2018

Contact: Sarah Croce
Telephone: 856-571-2836
Email: sarah.croce@gmail.com

Join Sarah’s “Most Chilled-Out Yoga/Pilates/Wellness Retreat,”- her third annual at Iguana Lodge. Organized classes three times/day to exercise the body, mind and soul: Morning Yoga, Sunset Pilates, plus additional offerings everyday (anything from breath work to cardio interval training to meditation).  24-hour/day exercise of mind, body and soul in the form of clean/delicious eating, constant relaxation (a harder exercise than you think!) and fun sports (think swimming in the salt water, walking on the beach, hiking through one of the most biologically intense places on earth).  Quality time with fellow Iguana guests each afternoon in the pool leads to life-long friendships.  Alone time in a hammock with a book or some great music on your headphones is strongly encouraged.  SOME people attracted to Sarah’s retreat tend to have a not-so-virgin Piña Colada or two with lunch, and STILL make it to Pilates.  Others take advantage of the week as a chance to detox.  Sarah encourages and supports both approaches, understanding people ‘retreat’ in different ways.  The amazing staff at Iguana will accommodate any diet, from meat eater to vegan.  Often times, when we travel far and wide, we need a vacation from our vacation—-this is not one of those times.  Arrive, unwind, relax, release, recharge, reset, HAVE SOME FUN, and bring a new and improved version of yourself back home to your family and your work.  Sarah is a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor since 2006.  She has learned and taught all over the world, including New York, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.  Her teaching style is deeply intuitive.   Those who’ve NEVER done yoga and/or Pilates to seasoned practitioners are welcomed and will feel safe, yet challenged.  Contact Sarah directly for any questions: sarah.croce@gmail.com