osa wildlife sanctuary anniversary

10th Anniversary Celebration!!!

osa sanctuary wildlife

We are rapidly approaching a “red letter day” for the Sanctuary—our tenth anniversary of helping mammals!

October 29, 2003 was a momentous day that changed the lives of many. We were asked to accept a nine month old spider monkey that had been confiscated from a home.

Since then we have enjoyed significant growth, starting from an open-porch aviary in 1996 to a multi-species facility which currently shelters almost ninety wild animals in need.

Thus, Poppy opened the flood gates to all wildlife of the southern zone of Costa Rica. Over the past ten years we have worked with over forty-five different species of birds, mammals and reptiles—a hawksbill sea turtle that we were able to save and release.

osa peninsula wildlife sanctuary

What we do here at the Sanctuary—and we do it well, is to care for wildlife in need. Why then, when there is so often as now a shortage of funds, do we continue accepting any wild creature in need? Because not to do so is simply unconscionable!

We never want to have to turn any animal away simply because we cannot afford the cost of its care. Of course, each animal has its own set of needs: things like surgeries, medicines, round-the-clock critical care, special housing and often-special diets. And, healthy or recuperating, they all need to eat, and eat well.

telloDr Tello & surgeries
rosieCritical care
NEWEST ARRIVAL...Round the clock feedings
fatimaSpecial housing
Chacon, Lisa, ZackSpecial diets
Mammal Food...Eating well

Our expenses have become truly overwhelming and our doors can only remain open with your help.

Almost 20,000 people have visited the Sanctuary; many have commented that it had been the highlight of their trip; others have found it to be a life altering experience. Imagine the growth and amount of continuing care that the Sanctuary could provide if everyone that has visited the Sanctuary each gave just $10.


This year in particular, please consider not waiting until the end of the year to send us your donations. If you haven’t made a donation yet, we hope that you will. If you have, our heartfelt thanks. It would mean the world to us—and a whole lot more to every animal that arrives on our doorstep.

We ask you to please donate what you can to help us with every animal that needs our help.

Please send your tax-deductible donations to our United States organization Osa Wildlife Sanctuary Foundation, Inc. at PO Box 171, Greenwood, IN 46142-0171 or through PayPal by pressing the icon below. When sending a check, please include your email address.

Thank you for your continuing support.


Carol A. Patrick
Fundación Santuario Silvestre de Osa


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