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What makes two successful defense attorneys from Colorado pack up all that they know and move to Costa Rica?  

“One of the best things about living here is meeting all of the great guests that come our way from all over the world – seeking adventure, the beauty of the rainforest, a honeymoon or getaway, joining a yoga retreat … ­whatever the reason ­- Iguana Lodge attracts wonderful people, and we are continually stoked and enriched. Thanks!” Toby and Lauren

Once upon a time two criminal defense lawyers from Colorado decided to fit a whole other life into their already interesting, busy lives. “So they loaded up the truck and moved to Iguana Lodge.”

In the fall of 1999, Toby and Lauren were dreaming of a new life…somewhere in the tropics where life was still simple and people danced the salsa. While surfing the web one Saturday afternoon, up popped Iguana Lodge for sale. (Was it luck or fate?) Coming for a quick visit, they fell in love with its fantastic jungle/beach setting.

Toby and Lauren decided it was time to take a leap of faith and change their lives forever….

After heavy negotiation over numerous bottles of beer, they bought the place without a lot of thought, held a magnificent yard sale, and moved to the tropics with their two younger children, Rio (11) and Lakota (9) – Santiago (19) stayed in Colorado to pursue his love of wine.

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They don’t see themselves leaving any time soon.  

They continue to be truly enamored with Costa Rica and their community. Moreover, they get the coolest guests. “We never know who is showing up, and when you do – what a lovely surprise.”

During their lives, they have traveled a lot, and continue to do so.  Because of that, they have a good sense of what most travelers want. “We also live here – so we eat the food, walk the property, swim on the beach.  We are delighted to say that many of our guests find Iguana to be their best vacation, some of their best moments. We hope so. Many return, and some have become personal friends.”

“Something magical happens here…maybe it’s the beach or the gardens, the conversation or the jungle, the nights or the days.” Susan and Tim Barrows – Raleigh, North Carolina

Years later, Iguana Lodge has expanded from four rooms to nineteen, from two employees to 30, with yoga decks, a fab pool, spa, two restaurants, and a tennis court is on the way.


Meanwhile, you will be happy to know that many years later, they are still as pleased as punch, happy as clams, and have developed all sorts of new interests, such as tree house construction, exotic gardening, surfing, painting, and the fine art of salsa dancing, which can be studied or practiced, should you so desire, in our Rumba Room.



From Lauren and Toby Cleaver, the owners:

“It makes living life irresistible, joyful. We too appreciate fabulous hotels, perfect cuisine, and perfect moments. We think that this does happen here. We have found the right mix and invite you to join us here in paradise.  We very much enjoy meeting our guests, and remember well the days we worked long hours in Colorado. Because we believe that many of our guests have very full lives, our goal is to provide a spot where guests can relax, explore the natural wonders of the Osa, and enjoy the beauty of their lives, while helping to preserve this peninsula through sustainable ecotourism.”

“There is something special about this place, this peninsula and the adventures that exist here, along with the interesting folk that this peninsula attracts, including vacationers, foreign residents, and the fabulous Costa Ricans.”

Lauren and Toby Cleaver

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