Any Time is a Great Time to Visit.

We live here year round and there is not one time in the year that we feel like we need to get out of here.  The seasons are different and each have their advantages but you really can’t go wrong what season you chose.  It will always be an adventure.

Most people visit during our dry season (December – April), which is the cold and dark winter season for the North America and Europe.  People can only handle so many cold, dreary days and need a change.  Needless to say this is also the most crowded and expensive time to come.

While many people visit Costa Rica during the wet season, it is not as popular as the dry season.  The wet season is greener with lush foliage.  And at Iguana Lodge we see lots more animals.  If you like it quieter, with less tourist, more personal attention, this is a great time to come.  The real secret is that the wet or green season is just as lovely as the dry season.  Typical wet season day is beautiful sunrises, clear mornings, cloudy afternoons and either late afternoon or evening showers.  The bonus is that is a bit cooler and cheaper time to travel.


The Seasons of Iguana Lodge

  • Climate – Weather in the tropics can be hot and humid at times, although not nearly as bad as summer in south Florida.  Our lodge’s proximity to the ocean gives us a daily breeze.  
  • From December through April the temperature is normally in the high 80’s, generally sunny and hot.  Lovely!
  • Wet season starts in May and the daytime temperature is a few degrees lower; it is a surprisingly pleasant time of year to visit as it normally just rains in the afternoons and evenings.  
  • September through early December marks the real rainy season.  Usually for about one week out of that period (who can guess when?) we will have a solid downpour for a week, nonstop. Flooding may occur.  (During this season, some of our employees and tour operators take vacation, so check with us if you have a certain tour is mind, or employee you are counting on meeting).
  • Weather patterns very greatly in this little country. San Jose weather is different than Osa weather, as it is in a mountain valley and can be quite cool and windy. Caribbean wet season seems to be opposite to the Pacific Coast.  The northern pacific coast, Guanacaste, tends to be drier, browner and windier.  The southern pacific coast is wetter, more junglier and not windy. 
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