Bringing a Retreat to Iguana Lodge 




Iguana Lodge is a fabulous place to host a retreat. Many retreat leaders love Iguana so much that they come year after year.


Iguana Lodge is located on the best beach on the Osa, ten minutes from the Puerto Jimenez airport (PJM) on the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica. 


Iguana Lodge has three seasons – high, green, and super green – rates vary depending upon these seasons. Minimum group size is twelve people plus one instructor. Iguana Lodge can handle up to fifty people and has spill over capabilities should you need even more room. We try to book Saturday to Saturday, but can book fewer nights if you like. If your group does not fill the entire lodge, there will likely be other guests here at the Lodge during your stay – your group has priority on all yoga decks, etc.




We have nineteen rooms, two incredible yoga decks, a pool, spa, tennis court, ceramic studio, music studio, beach toys, wonderful adventures, as well as great fresh food, spectacular nature, and an onsite naturalist. We pride ourselves on customer service. We can help you and your participants book their in-country flights and offer whatever other services are helpful.


We are happy to arrange tours and adventures for your group as well. They can do group as well as individual adventures. Generally the first full morning of the retreat we meet with your group, outlines Life at Iguana Lodge, and tell everyone about available activities – including all sorts of adventures, as well as spa treatments, massages, etc.




Rates include four excellent meals a day (an early and late breakfast, lunch, and dinner); transfer from the Puerto Jimenez Airport (PJM), taxes and gratuity.

Eleven of our nineteen rooms are Casitas and the other eight rooms are Club Rooms.  Casitas are more expensive than Club Rooms. Your guests can choose which rooms they prefer. Club Rooms hold no more than two people, while Casitas can hold from one to four people per room.


You, as the group leader, earn credits. Bringing a small group (minimum size 12 plus one leader) entitles you to a double occupancy Club Room with all meals, transfers, etc included. As your group increases in size and length of stay, your credit increases.  You can use this as the lodge or take it as cash.


Below are the rates for a seven night stay for our upcoming High Season (Dec 20 – April 30). Following that are our rates for our next Green Season (May 1 – Aug 31; Nov 15 – Dec 19) and then Super Green Season (Sept 1 – Nov 14). Rates are subject to change prior to finalizing contract. Red font shows you the credits you are earning – and these numbers correspond to an algorithm we use to calculate credits. 




We have a reservations manager that can help with in-country flights from San Jose  (SJO) to Puerto Jiménez (PJM), although sometimes your and your students will find less expensive flights if they book tickets directly. As we work closely with the airlines, they often give us a break if someone needs to rearrange their flights, etc – so often people prefer to use our free service. Sansa, Skyways, and AeroBell presently fly from SJO to PJM. 


Regarding getting here in one day – if you arrive in San Jose from the Great White North by around 130 in the afternoon – you can get down here the same day during the high season. (In the green and super green season – there are fewer flights, and often no flights in the afternoon.) Regarding heading back to the States/Canada/etc. – if your international flight from SJO leaves around 10:30 AM or later from San Jose, you can leave Iguana Lodge on an early morning flight that same morning. (I often catch international flights that leave as early as 10 AM – but I run the risk of missing my flight.)


If you or your people need/want to spend the night in San Jose – we can help with hotel reservations – as well as car rentals if some of your people want to drive here from San Jose. The drive takes about six to seven hours – we highly recommend no night driving.




To book your retreat – we require a $2500 Non-Refundable deposit. 120 days prior to your arrival we require 50%, and 60 days prior the final 50% (minus the $2500 deposit). This can be paid with a credit card or bank wire. (Check with your credit card company to avoid foreign transaction fees. Iguana Lodge absorbs the credit card fee associated with credit card payment.)




Iguana Lodge has fabulous food, and we can cater to almost any special diet such as vegetarian, vegan, no-dairy, etc – we do not however offer a kosher kitchen. Iguana Lodge has two restaurants – both are excellent.


Coffee/Tea is available by 430 AM – Breakfast is served from 6 to approximately 10 AM (guests are welcome to eat two breakfasts – the second breakfast we can structure around your yoga classes). Lunch is served from 11 AM onward – Dinner is served at 7 PM (except on Tuesday nights when we have a Beach Barbecue at 530 PM and on Fridays when we have a salsa dance party that starts around 6 PM). 


We have spectacular vegetarian food, but we do serve animal products also, particularly in our public restaurant where your group’s lunches are served. If your group is offended by animal products being served, it is best to not come to Iguana Lodge.  




Iguana Lodge will sign a contract with you that outlines all the details. We will list your retreat on our website, Facebook Page, Instagram, etc. We will ask you for your photos, links, text, etc. 


Our yoga facilities include bolsters, mats, blankets, some straps, two Walls of Mirrorw, etc. 


Sometimes when you are here we will have other guests that wish to participate in your classes. That is completely up to you – you can say Yes / No and personally collect whatever fee you like directly from them.


Please let us know what questions you have and contact us Iguana Lodge’s Current Price Sheet for the three seasons. (email for group quotes) (for general inquiries)

+1 310.421.4944 (Lauren’s US number)

+506.8829.5865 (Lodge number in Costa Rica)


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