Kinkajou honey bear

The Coast is Clear … I am way to cute to get kicked out of here

Ok this is an impossible situation. Several months ago Osa Conservation, a NGO working to preserve the wildlife of the Osa Peninsula, installed a nesting device (a barrel) high up in a tree at Iguana Lodge to encourage and support the Scarlet Macaw population.

osa conservation

Macaws thanks to Osa Conservation, promoting 2012 annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count, December 21st

Now this cute little Kinkajou or honey bear has moved in.

Kinkajous are not usually seen during the day. They are nocturnal, moving through the trees at night foraging for fruit. They are really cute with golden fur and big eyes that capture your heart.

Scarlet Macaws are a spectacular bird on the Osa Peninsula but has seen a drastic decline in Costa Rica. The population on the Osa is one of the only two viable populations left in Costa Rica.

What to do? What to do? For now we will probably not mess with mother nature. Mating season for the Macaws doesn’t start until the end of the year. If they really want to nest there they will probably kick the Kinkajou out. Vamos aver.

Kinkajou eminent domain of a Macaw nesting device

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