Picking a spot to vacation isn’t easy. The world is a big place with an overwhelming number of unique and exciting spots to visit. And depending on what you’re looking for, the destination you select could either make or break your trip.

But there’s one place that you can’t go wrong with visiting – Costa Rica. And if you have yet to experience Costa Rica for yourself, here’s why it needs to be on the top of your travel list.


REASON #1: Nature (like you’ve never seen it before)

No matter where you’re from (ocean, big city, rural town, etc.), Costa Rica’s spectacular landscape will take your breath away.

The country is home to nearly 300 unique beaches, some with black sand and deep blue seas, others with white sand and clear aqua waters.

The vast majority of Costa Rica’s shoreline backs up to lush jungles filled with green vegetation and a diverse array of plant and animal life (these jungles are also famous for producing 1.5 million bags of delicious Costa Rican coffee each year).

But beaches and jungles aren’t the only types of ecosystems you’ll see upon visiting Costa Rica.

The nation is also home to a number of national parks, many of which contain active volcanoes, gorgeous lakes, and underground caverns.


REASON #2: The Animals

Containing more than 500,000 unique species, Costa Rica has more biodiversity than just about anywhere else in the world. And chances are, you’ve probably never heard of or seen very many of Costa Rica’s fascinating creatures before.

One of the nation’s most infamous animals is the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog – brightly colored, kind of cute, and extremely poisonous in the wild (but not in captivity). The Sloth, known for being lazy, sleeps 16-18 hours per day. And be careful about leaving food or shiny objects out in the open when visiting Costa Rica, or a White-Faced (Capuchin) Monkey just might snatch it from you!

Costa Rica’s wildlife is indeed fascinating, which is why there are so many sanctuaries dedicated to preserving it and making sure that these animals and more will still be around to put smiles on our faces for years to come!

P.S. – Click here to find out more about some of the most unique animals in Costa Rica.


REASON #3: Relaxation

Costa Rica is known for having an extremely laid back and relaxing atmosphere with a pace of life that’s probably much slower than what you’re used to. This makes Costa Rica the perfect destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The possibilities for relaxation in Costa Rica are endless, but some of the more popular options are:

  • Surfing one of Costa Rica’s 300 beaches
  • Attending a yoga retreat
  • Hiking in the jungle
  • Walking along the beach
  • Basking in the sun poolside or beachside
  • Getting a massage or spa treatment


REASON #4: The Food

Costa Rica’s fresh and natural cuisine is both delicious and healthy. The most common foods in the country are beans, rice, plantains, fresh fruit, meat, and fish (with most dishes involving combinations of two or more of those foods).

Because most of the ingredients used to make Costa Rican dishes are local and minimally processed, Costa Rican cuisine is usually more satiating and nourishing than the processed foods most people are used to eating.

Some of the more common dishes served in Costa Rica are Gallo Pinto (a breakfast dish made with a rice and black bean mixture, fried or scrambled eggs, and fried plantains), Casado (an “anytime” dish that consists of black beans, rice, fried plantains, cabbage salad, and meat or fish), and Arroz con Pollo (ride with chicken), Arroz con Camarones (rice with shrimp), and lots of other Arroz con [fill in the blank] kinds of meals.

As I mentioned above, Costa Rica is also famous for their delicious coffee. The nation’s hot, humid weather does little to detract from the coffee-drinking habits of locals, who are known to put back multiple hot cups of fresh brew throughout the day.


REASON #5: Adventure

An adventurer’s paradise, Costa Rica offers travelers a number of options for excitement in the great outdoors. Some of these options include:

  • Hiking a smoking volcano
  • Surfing
  • River rafting
  • Jungle safaris
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Rain forest hiking

And those are only a handful of the many adventurous activities Costa Rica has to offer. Whether you’re a mild adventurer or extreme risk-taker, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Costa Rica’s magnificent landscape in whatever magnitude you prefer.

Vacations only last a few days (weeks if you’re lucky), but the memories you take home with you will last a lifetime.

And because Costa Rica is so different from most places on earth, the memories you’ll make there will be unique and set apart from anything you’ve experienced before.

So if nature, animals, food, relaxation, and adventure are all things that you want to have memories of, consider booking a trip to Costa Rica for your next vacation!

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