Not too long ago, we built a gorgeous ceramic studio that happens to have INCREDIBLE acoustics – Who Knew?

Meanwhile, our electric piano was crying out to be moved into an air conditioned building – to keep it sane. SO – viola! We are now hunting for another electric piano – (heading to NYC in a couple weeks actually) and hoping to find another gem to join our other piano. We’ve got some congas, guitars… who knows what will join us next, or who?

And as we speak, Lauren is studying Chopin (Polish, 1810-1849 – died of tuberculosis – as did one out of five people in Europe at that time); Tchaikovsky -spelling this guy’s name is tough enough, much less playing his gorgeous music – (Russian – 1840 – 1893); van Beethoven (German, 1739 – 1792) and his various sons; Bach (German, 1685 – 1750), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Austrian, 1756 – 1791). Look how young some of these people were when they died. Incredible to hear what they produced – hauntingly beautiful music.

Please feel free to come play in our new Music Studio.

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