Upon your arrival, our staff is happy to meet with you and discuss your plans for adventure.

Our office is generally open from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. After 4 P.M. it is often difficult to successfully set up tours for the following day. The Best Case Scenario is to meet with our tour coordinators soon after your arrival and set up an activity plan.

Go it alone or join a group

You may decide that you want to enjoy these activities with other guests or all by yourselves. Occasionally there is a premium for a private tour, and at times a discount when you join with others. Please be as specific as you can with us when telling us what you want. Do you really want to hike eight hours in the steamy jungle or take a stroll in the rainforest? Also keep this in mind if you choose to head out on an activity with other guests – do they want what you want?

Carrying Cash / Paying guides

You do not need to carry large amounts of cash. We will give you vouchers that you should give to your guides, and we will settle the bill at the end of your stay. You may, however, want to carry some money for tips (always appreciated). Once a tour has been set up, there may be a hefty cancellation fee if you fail to cancel within 24 hours.

Getting to your activitiy if away from the lodge

Many activities will take you to different parts of the Peninsula. Round trip 4 x 4 ground transportation is generally not included in the tour price, and lately the prices have risen beyond belief, especially heading down to Matapalo and Carate. (Once you see the roads, you may understand why the taxi prices are so steep; not to mention that car importation taxes are out-of-this world – cars are incredibly expensive in Costa Rica.) Rental cars are available in town, and occasionally a rental car may work out to cost less than taxi fare, depending upon your destination, time of year, etc.

If you head into town to search out your own tours, you may find people willing to offer you special deals. Good luck!


Finally, if for some reason you are disappointed with your tour, please let us know! Our Worst Case Scenario is that you leave unhappy, and we never had a chance to fix it. You also can help us by letting us know if our representations are accurate, and if our tour providers are doing what we are representing (and expecting) them to do. Many guides guarantee 100% satisfaction, or your money back. Pura Vida.

There are a few tours where timing is essential, and you actually need to leave here on time (not always easy to do – “Tico Time” hits people pretty quickly down here); many tours, however, are all yours and you can leave whenever you get it together. Prices are subject to change, and most tours have a two person minimum. If you will be out for the day on a tour, we recommend you consider swimming by one of the local bakeries in town and picking up some sandwiches – it’s fun to go in and check out what they have.

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