mango dish iguana lodge

Mango ready to eat.

Mango season on the Osa Peninsula is in full force this year. Because of the dry season we have had, there has been a bumper crop of mangoes. What is even more exciting is that the mango trees that we planted as seedlings twelve years ago at Iguana Lodge are now bearing fruit and we are serving them to our guest. They are delicious.

We are foodies at Iguana Lodge and we are constantly working on raising the quality of food that we serve. Part of this effort is providing food in a sustainable fashion. Our goal is to serve locally
grown organic foods. This is a challenging goal given where we live. The climate is too hot or too humid to grow a number of the foods we like to serve. Even when the food is grown locally it is hard to find consistent quality, quantity or food that is grown in a sustainable manner. We are fortunate that we have enough property to grow some of the tropical fruits such as papayas, bananas, mangoes, starfruit and lemons. All of these are grown without pesticides or anything else, the trees are left alone until they bear fruit.

freshly picked mangoes

Freshly picked mangoes from Iguana Lodge

As tourism grows in the area, more quality food is becoming available. We now buy all our lettuce from a local hydroponic producer. Similarly we buy pineapple, yucca and platanos, when available, locally. Some of our best friends have moved into central area of Costa Rica, in the mountains near San Isidro. This area has some of the best organic farming in the country. They have started an organic farm that overtime will supply organic food to Iguana Lodge.

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