Mosquito Control and Zika Prevention at Iguana Lodge

No Zika at Iguana Lodge:  9 steps we take to keep it that way.

We are mosquito vigilantes

We are mosquito vigilantes

While we are confident that Zika is not at Iguana Lodge, the threat still remains.  Consequently we have taken proactive measures to protect Iguana Lodge and its guests.

Iguana Lodge has a very active program of mosquito control and zika prevention.  Because Iguana Lodge is right in a tropical jungle, it is impossible to eliminate the Aedes mosquito.  However our program, which is tailored to our wet and dry seasons, has been very effective in combatting the mosquito threat.  

The wet season is the most active mosquito time.  The dry season  normally has very few mosquitos.

Here are the nine steps that Iguana Lodge takes to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes:

1. Regular Fumigation.

Zika prevention - commercial mosquito fumigator

Mosquito Patrol

In our public areas as well as in and around the rooms and the lodge.  We use a commercial fumigator and spray where you are most likely to encounter mosquitoes.  By the way we are not big on insecticide so we do this with discretion.

2. Heavy Duty Room Screens.

We have just installed new, heavy duty window screening that is less prone to wear and tear to prevent mosquito invasion.

3. 24 hour a day in-room mosquito repellent.  

Zika Prevention - Night and Day Mosquito Repellent for the room

Night and Day Insect Repellent

This is a plug-in Raid product that emits repellent that works 24/7 in the rooms.

4. Mosquito netting on all beds

Zika prevention - mosquito netting on beds

While they are quite romantic, mosquito netting works really well. (the Clubrooms do not have netting because we have found they are not needed)

5. Fans, fans and more fans. 

Zika Protection - Outside fans for mosquito free enjoyment

Outside fans to keep you cool and bug free

Not just in your rooms, fans are sprinkled around in our public areas.  They keep you cool while keeping the mosquitos away.

6. Free repellent spray.  

free mosquito repellent

Free repellent is always available at Iguana Lodge

OFF Insect Repellent with 15% DEET is freely available for all our guest.

7. Elimination of Mosquito Breeding Grounds.

Through an active maintenance and cleaning program we eliminate potential breeding areas for the mosquito.

8. Beach –  mosquito free.   

We are lucky to be one of the few hotels on the Osa Peninsula that is right on a beach. Great excuse for a beach visit in the early mornings and late afternoons when the mosquitos are most active.

9. Education and information.  

Our manager and staff stay in touch with the local health officials keeping abreast of the latest Zika developments.  Iguana Lodge also participates in community wide eradication programs such as trash collection and fumigation.

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