Welcome to the Osa Peninsula:Center to the Known Universe.

Pura Vida –  Pure Life and Good health

Need a vacation or just missing Costa Rica?

If you’re like most people every minute is filled with work, family, commuting or study. You don’t have time “to smell the flowers” or “watch a sunrise.”

So, on your next coffee break take a mental vacation onto the Osa Peninsula.

This is a short newsletter: big pictures, few words.

Read and see the Osa; its beautiful secluded beaches, wild jungles, pura vida lifestyle and wonderful stories. Day dreaming is recommended. Or better yet come on down and see it yourself!

Rainy Season? Yep, this is a typical afternoon in the rainy season.
Morning run during the rainy season.

You’ve got to love the rainy season here…

Have you ever seen one of those movies set in the tropics?  The deluge: a wall of endless rain, rivers streaming off rooftops, buckets catching leaks, not a dry spot to be found…

On the Osa Penninsula, hard rains are different: short lived and far apart.

This photo is on my morning run – rarely do I get wet.

We get the rain but not the attitude.

Too south to be directly whacked by hurricanes, we do get big rains.  This may happen several times a year, but when is anybody’s guess.

Your typical rainy season day starts with a bright sun and endless empty beaches: not a footprint to found.  Lots of animal life moving around.  It’s an incredibly nice and peaceful time to be here: cooler, greener and fewer folks. A great time to explore and enjoy the ocean and outdoors.

Around lunch, the sky starts to cloud. The big question: will the hard rain start before or after dinner?  When you feel the air temperature drop, grab an umbrella. Here it comes.  It may rain for an hour or all night long.  It doesn’t matter. You’re going to sleep well knowing you will wake to another bright sunny day.

The Osa Peninsula gets 300 – 400 inches of rain a year. September through early December marks the real rainy season.

So What Do You Do on those Rainy Days?

Dance in the Rain ….

Here’s my dance partner warming up…

A week and 70 inches of rain. A really rare event: a first in 15 years.

On days like this it rains in buckets, then breaks teasing us that it might end.

Note the river is about to go over the bridge.  It usually runs 12 feet below.

Or Play Dress Up,
Read Emails, and Listen to Great Music –

one of my favorite pastimes on a rainy day.

To you fashion hounds: Pink and floral patterns are definitely in on the Osa.

Off course if you’re a tree frog you can think of other things to do…

Photo taken at Iguana Lodge by Robin Moore.

Well this is the end of our first monthly news letter.  Great sunrise during the rainy season.  Dawn patrol for waves on Playa Platanares in front of Iguana Lodge Beach Resort and Spa.


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