At Iguana Lodge we love hosting groups, and specialize in making it easy for globe­trotters to get to our spot in paradise, as well as maximize their experience once here.

Iguana Lodge can sleep fifty people, and we can find room for more when needed. (We have hosted weddings for over 100 people).

We are specialists in arranging everyone’s in­ country travel

including flights, hotels in San Jose (if needed), etc. Iguana Lodge has been doing this for years, and has a comprehensive office staff to deal with all the details that go with group travel. We make it easy, so the group leaders don’t have to deal with the details and can even get a bit of vacation in for themselves. Let it go: leave it to us.

We have a lot of room to spread out around the Lodge:

From beach meetings to bonfires, choices abound re where to meet with your group, and where to get some down time on your own: including two incredibly gorgeous decks, two dining rooms, pavilions, a spa, tennis area, Rumba Room, twelve acres of walking trails, a pool hammock house, etc. … we got game. Even better yet, group members not only have all the above spaces to enjoy with their group, they have their own decks, their own hideouts, nooks, crannies, and corners of peaceful paradise to explore and stretch out in. So … enjoy your group, and enjoy your own personal retreat as well.

We are great at organizing adventures for your group.

We can set up group activities or adventures designed just for particular members of your group. If two out of twenty want to take a boat trip ­ no problem. We are happy to deal with each guest as an individual, arrange what makes their stay special, and leave the group leaders out of the mix, so the group leaders can focus on their own work and play.

We want you to be here.

We are happy to customize our resort to fit with your group. Special meals? Special considerations? Timing? Etc? We get it. We do this every day and we do it well. Our staff loves group events. You will find excited and eager Costa Ricans that will go out of their way to make your group event a success.

We are happy to put together group pricing.

I Love Iguana Lodge.

Christopher Baker Moon Travel Guide December 19, 2015

Situated just back from the beach with direct access through well manicured jungly paths this small resort offers something for everyone.

brilandhen London, United Kingdom "Lovely resort, magical location, and a happy place to be" TripAdvisor March 14, 2016 March 21, 2016

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We would love to be part of making your adventure to Costa Rica a reality. Iguana Lodge is magical and throughout its sixteen year existence, our guests report extraordinary experiences.  Pura Vida.

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