“Toto I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”

Dorothy, Wizard of Oz.


Refunds from Costa Rica are different.  


Refunds typically take more time and often have cost associated with them.


It is important when you make a reservation to understand the financial commitment you are making and the limitations of cancellation and refund.


When we do refund there are three options although they may not all be available:


  1. Credit Card Refund.  This is generally the cheapest means of refund.  There is presently no cost associated with a credit card refund except the $20 fee cancellation fee we charge.    This refund can only be done for the full amount of a credit card transaction.  If the refund is partial it can not be done as a refund to your credit card.  This is obviously different than in the US. Right now we have to fill out a form, drive to town and wait in line for typically 30 minutes to file it with the bank. It usually takes 5 to 7 business days before you will see a refund once it is in the bank system. 
  2. PayPal.  This is probably the fastest form of refund.  All we need is the email that is tied to your PayPal account. It seems fairly instantaneous. The issue with PayPal is that because this is being sent from outside the country, PayPal will charge a commission on top of the $20 cancellation fee we charge.  You should check with PayPal but the amount of the charge but I think the commission is around 3.9% of the transaction.
  3. International Bank Wire.  This takes about 3 working days and is deposited directly into your US bank account.  The banks have fees on both ends of the transaction. We charge 1% of the transaction to cover the fees on our end (on top of the $20 cancellation fee).  Your bank will likely charge you a fee as well.


We are continually looking for better, faster and cheaper methods of making refunds but this is it for now.  


If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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