Sarah Croce

FEBRUARY 23 to MARCH 2, 2019

Contact: Sarah Croce
Telephone: 856-571-2836

Join Sarah’s “Most Chilled-Out Yoga/Pilates/Wellness Retreat,”- her fourth annual at Iguana Lodge. Organized classes three times/day to exercise the body, mind and soul: Morning Yoga, Sunset Pilates, plus additional offerings everyday (anything from breath work to cardio interval training to meditation).  24-hour/day exercise of mind, body and soul in the form of clean/delicious eating, constant relaxation (a harder exercise than you think!) and fun sports (think swimming in the salt water, walking on the beach, hiking through one of the most biologically intense places on earth).

Quality time with fellow Iguana guests each afternoon in the pool leads to life-long friendships.  Alone time in a hammock with a book or some great music on your headphones is strongly encouraged.  SOME people attracted to Sarah’s retreat tend to have a not-so-virgin Piña Colada or two with lunch, and STILL make it to Pilates.  Others take advantage of the week as a chance to detox.  Sarah encourages and supports both approaches, understanding people ‘retreat’ in different ways.  The amazing staff at Iguana will accommodate any diet, from meat eater to vegan.  Often times, when we travel far and wide, we need a vacation from our vacation—-this is not one of those times.

Arrive, unwind, relax, release, recharge, reset, HAVE SOME FUN, and bring a new and improved version of yourself back home to your family and your work.  Sarah is a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor since 2006.  She has learned and taught all over the world, including New York, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.  Her teaching style is deeply intuitive.   Those who’ve NEVER done yoga and/or Pilates to seasoned practitioners are welcomed and will feel safe, yet challenged.  Contact Sarah directly for any questions:

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