Everyday Adventure’s Tree Climb tour is one of the most spectacular adventure tours ever invented by man. That’s because ‘the man’, Andy, is unbelievably great, fearless, not to mention one heck of a lot of fun. (As is his wife Terry – check out the photo where she is draped in a live boa – all the rage!).


Some liken this adventure to “Ranger Training.”  Everyday Adventures Tour Company guarantees “Muddy, Bloody, Bruised, and Sweaty.”

Hike through mind-bogglingly beautiful, wildlife-rich Matapalo, up the river, past the poison-tree frogs, under the monkey troops, to the spectacular 120 foot waterfall, King Louis. At the bottom standing in a tropical pool, savor a shower before your tree-climb. Along your hike, Andy – fabulous guide, biologist, and joker – will steep you in rainforest lore. Although Andy doesn’t require you to eat the termites, he inspires many to do so (not me). Up the mountainside onward to the huge tree, look up, rope in and climb this wall of a tree – monkeys often are right there with you; turn around to face the forest, à la Tarzan leap into thin air, swing through the trees, and eventually find yourself floating to the jungle floor.

Check out our buddy Ian jumping out of the tree:

Reminiscent of Outward Bound, one’s sense of personal accomplishment soars: you are impressed with yourself and your loved ones! We highly recommend this tour to those in good shape with a sense of adventure, aged six to eighty-six (record so far).

From there you can head up a bit higher to the nearby river, take a quick lesson on rappelling, and experience the adrenaline rush of rappelling down a raging tropical waterfall (depending upon the season). This is a series of two rappels, with a total height 120 feet. Incredible! For waterfall rappelling, children need to be around ten years of age and able to move some thick rope to facilitate the belay. (During the dry season the waterfall may be dry so instead of waterfall rappelling, it is a cliff rappel.)

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