Click here to check out the Tropic Fin Fishing Gallery. Cory has been fishing here for years with his wonderful family.

A real fisherman’s fisherman.

Our goal here in Costa Rica is to fish for what you want, how you want. Whether it’s: Inshore or Offshore, trolling, casting, bottom fishing or jigging, conventional or fly fishing, We will use our experience in all areas to put you on action throughout the day. Our goal is to make your trip productive and fun. We will do what it takes to keep you on fish. If the offshore action is slow we can move inshore to bend a rod. If it’s happening offshore we’ll head out for the afternoon bite. You will hear stories of captains detouring people from fishing inshore, or not willing to change methods or locations when the fishing is slow. There are many ways of staying on the fish and changing methods and locations is never a problem. With over a dozen years fishing these waters, a lifetime of experience, and quality equipment, we are more than confident we can give you the trip of a lifetime.

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