What a mess of birds. This roost of Cattle Egrets is a flurry of constant movement…from branch to branch, nest to nest … it is impossible to keep track of who is who. The babies in the nest must be really confused about who their parents are.

cattle egret costa rica

Who’s your daddy?

Cattle Egrets are extremely common in Costa Rica and especially on the Osa. You can not miss them as you drive on the road to Iguana Lodge. As you pass by the cattle fields you will see them on and around the cattle, going after all the bugs the cattle stir up.

This is breeding season for the Cattle Egrets. You can tell because the breeding pairs (which normally are white) tend to actually be more colorful with orange/brown plumage around the crown, chest and neck. They typically form these nesting roost over water. There is so much confusion, pushing and shoving that is not unusual to see a baby egret knocked out of the nest and into the water. Needless to say it is also common to see crocs and caiman loitering below in the water with anticipation.

feathers of cattle egret

Birds of Feather

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