Many guest arrive asking to meet Maxine our reservationist. Maxine is our primary contact with the outside world at Iguana Lodge. She not only sets up reservations at Iguana Lodge but also sets up flights, hotels, taxis, transfers, and almost any other travel arraingements with in Costa Rica. She is also our “answer person” to the various questions people have before coming here. With the advent of cloud computing, Maxine does much of her work at home near Puerto Jimenez. However she is normally in our office weekdays from 12:00 to 3:00 PM, which is often when our guest are out on adventures. Hence it is not unusual to go a whole week without meeting Maxine. However don’t be surprised if you see her biking on the road. Maxine loves the countryside and takes advantage of it any time she can.

Maxine riding her bike to Iguana Lodge

Maxine is a full time resident of Puerto Jimenez, having lived here for over 11 years, She works for Iguana Lodge running our reservations.

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