I stole this line from a blog at Rate Your Burn on Marco Rojas. I wanted to write about a yoga retreat we are having at Iguana Lodge in Costa Rica and especially about their leader Marco Rojas. I was looking on the web to see if other people felt the same way I do about him and came across this blog that nailed it.

Ok so its day three and I am sore. Everywhere. Today is a day off so we can survive the rest of the week. I am actually a yoga neophyte and with a group that clearly is way beyond me in ability and strength. However everyone is sore and tired today. It does not matter how good you are … Marco is tuned in and and pushes you to your limits. What is incredible is that you feel like you have your own personal instructor. There is no hiding in the group here. It is not unusual to have him next to your ear or in your face prodding you into something you never thought you could do. And he is really tuned into you. He seems to know how far he can take you. I love it.

iguana lodge yoga

The calm before the storm

This is the third time Marco has come to Iguana Lodge and every time he leaves I can’t wait for him to come back. The NY Post recently described him as a yoga “deity” regarding his break up with Pure Yoga in NYC. I personally find the “deity” description offensive and takes away from who Marco is. He is a humble man who has found his calling teaching yoga. He is sincere, honest, and enthusiastic. He teaches you only what you want to learn. Like I said, I am a yoga neophyte and barely know the yoga vocabulary let alone the intricacies of yoga philosophy. In spite of my limitations Marco makes me feel welcome and inspired.

If you can measure a teacher by his students and assistants, Marco really shines. Every group of people that has come to our lodge has been exceptional. Wonderful people you like instantly. They are interesting, caring, and fun. We have great conversation on almost any topic. Then there are the assistants. We have been lucky to have Ralph Craig and Matt Giordano as Marco’s assistant. These young men are the future of yoga and are truly inspiring. It is not just their incredible athletic ability but it is the way they conduct themselves. It really gives me hope about the human race when I meet people such as these two men.

Time to take a nap and prepare for tomorrows adventures. It will be hard and I know that the end of the week I will be looking forward to Marco Rojas’ next visit.

For further information about Marco Rojas, check out his website at https://marcorojasyoga.org or his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/marcorojasyoga.

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