Cancellation Policy

There is a 100%* refund for cancellations 90 days prior to arrival date and a 50%* refund for cancellations between 45 and 90 days prior to arrival.  However, because we are so remote, if you cancel your reservation within 45 days of your reservation, any refund is at the discretion of Iguana Lodge. If you have booked as part of a group (i.e. yoga retreat, etc) this cancelation policy does not apply.

The cost for cancelation is $20 or 4.5% of the booking, whichever is greater.

Iguana Lodge” is the business name of El Marlin de la Peninsula de Osa, S.A. a Costa Rican corporation. All commitments, agreements and any issues of liability (except third party vendors) are solely with this corporation and are subject exclusively to the Laws of Costa Rica.

Reservation Charges

Reservation charges are made pursuant to Iguana Lodge’s booking and cancellation policies which are stated at the time the reservation is made. What this means that Guest may see several different charges for a reservation depending on when the booking is made which reserve funds for purpose of cancellation.

Additional Charges before check in

Iguana Lodge provides additional services including but not limited to local flight reservations, rental car reservations and other hotel bookings. Unless otherwise instructed by the Guest, Iguana Lodge is authorized by the Guest to charge these additional charges with the credit card information provided by the Guest at the time of booking.

Additional Charges after check in

The Guest is responsible for all additional charges incurred as a result of their stay with Iguana Lodge. These charges may include charges directly with Iguana Lodge or third party vendors. The Guest agrees to pay for all charges incurred on his or her behalf. These charges will normally be settled at the time of checkout however if any additional charge has not been settled at Check Out, the Guest authorizes Iguana Lodge to charge his or her credit card for all unsettled additional charges.

Third Party Vendor Liability

Iguana Lodge makes various reservations and payments with third party vendors at the request and on behalf of the Guest. Iguana Lodge collects money from and pays money on behalf of Guest to third party vendors. By doing so, Iguana Lodge does not guarantee or warrant any third party vendor including but not limited to their commitments, performance or liability.

Iguana Lodge will make every reasonable effort to aid a Guest with third party issues, but all liability and responsibility is directly with the third party. Guests hereby acknowledges and agree that in requesting Iguana Lodge to hire third party vendors on his or her behalf, the Guest’s sole recourse regarding any third party issues including but not limited to financial loss and injury is solely with the third party vendor.

Guest Responsibility

Guests hereby agree to respect the privacy of fellow guests and conduct themselves in a civil manner that does not offend, insult or injure guests, workers, or the local people at Iguana Lodge. If a Guest fails to act appropriately, the Guest may be asked to leave immediately without any refund. This determination will be at the sole discretion of Iguana Lodge. Only registered Guests are permitted in the rooms of Iguana Lodge. While prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, Iguana Lodge does not permit prostitutes in its rooms. Guests in violation of this policy will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

Overbooking and Cancellation

While Iguana Lodge makes every effort to avoid overbooking, it does happen in rare cases. Furthermore, as we are subject to mother nature and the Laws of Costa Rica, as well as other unpredictable events, there may be occasions where Iguana Lodge will have to cancel a reservation. In any case where Iguana Lodge cancels a reservation, it will make every reasonable effort to work with the Guest to find alternative places to stay. Whatever the resolution, the Guest and Iguana Lodge agree that when a reservation is canceled, Iguana Lodge’s limit of liability is the amount paid for the reservation. Iguana Lodge will refund this amount in full. Guests further acknowledge that they may buy travelers insurance to cover any related losses due to such cancellation such as travel expenses, etc.

Group Reservations

Iguana Lodge reserves the right to add a 10% gratuity on groups of six or more.

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