World Class Dining at Iguana Lodge

Iguana Lodge has an award-winning restaurant and fabulous food crafted by talented, imaginative individuals – everyday. 

Iguana Lodge’s food is legendary: it is fresh and eclectic, farm to table – it rocks!  It’s interesting, exceedingly delicious, tastily finessed, with lots of variety, high notes, bass notes … fresh and healthy with fabulous desserts. Yay!

“Toby and Lauren own a lodge in Costa Rica that boasts one of the most spectacular settings in which I’ve ever eaten a meal. Lauren, an accomplished cook, and her chef turn out some of the best food in the country.” Alfred Portale, owner and chef of New York City’s famed Gotham Bar & Grill 

We are big time foodies, and travel the world sampling all sorts of goodies.  We joyfully accommodate all sorts of diners: omnivores, vegans, vegetarians, gluten free folks, etc will all find fab food here. We source organic, local, fresh. We offer some of the best food on the peninsula, even in Costa Rica – no kidding.  

As one of our guests recently said: “I came for the rainforest, and stayed for the food.”  Check out the 2023 edition of the Iguana Lodge Cookbook here.

Check out our Rancho Menu here.  For all our Menus – click here.

Join us on Tuesdays and Saturdays for Beach BBQs. Here’s our friend, Eli, on one of those epic nights opining re “Why Starts Twinkle.”

Brilliant family-style (communal) dinner...I believe this approach made a huge difference in our experience.

Trip Advisor December 19, 2015

The location is wonderful.

spacecadet24 Wisconsin Trip Advisor December 19, 2015

The Iguana Rancho

Lush breakfasts are enjoyed on our veranda – and fine dining is savored upstairs in the evenings in an iconic tropical setting, with incredible food, ambience, and conversation. It is a unique experience that continues to welcome people from around the world, serving such delicacies as Ginger-Chile Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Fresh Citrus Chimichurri.  Each meal has a traditional and vegetarian protein with five to ten fresh interesting side dishes.  Vegetarian, vegans, etc – never fear – you will be dine well here. Desserts are mandatory, try key lime pie with coconut crust, ginger crème brulée, lemon tart ice cream, plum tarts, mango crisp, coconut flan, tropical cobbler, pecan pie, coconut cream pie, banana cream pie, banana chocolate cream pie. “My, My, I love pie.”


The Pearl Beach Bar & Grill

The Pearl of the Osa Beach Bar and Grill is fantastic with a great view of the ocean and lush tropical breezes. The Pearl is open everyday from 11 AM until 9 PM, and is a public bar and restaurant – it’s a great place to meet locals and enjoy fantastic meals and tropical beverages.  Try an exotic Passionfruit Daiquiri or our signature Fresh Ginger Spritzer, or enjoy classic Costa Rican “patacones”, a myriad of seafood, a Club Sandwich, or a Gloria’s Burrito.  In the late afternoon enjoy a surf out front or a volleyball match.  For our Pearl Menus, click here.

Our Chefs

Iguana Lodge Chefs are the finest on the peninsula, and take pride in using fresh farm to table ingredients.  As our friend Julia says:  “Bon Appétit!” (or as we say in Costa Rica “Buen Provecho!”).
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