Post-Covid – Unfortunately we have closed Iguana Lodge’s famous Rancho Dinner Venue.

I leave the description below as a salute to all the wonderful memories we have shared with so many wonderful guests over twenty years of dining at the Rancho with Chef Jose Azofeifa.

Dinner at the Iguana Rancho is the Pièce de Résistance of fine dining on the Osa ­ designed and prepared by your hosts and their wonderful chef, Jose Azofeifa. (Jose, the former head chef of Lapa Rios, has worked for us for years, is the best chef on the Osa – we think the country.)

We sup upstairs in our spectacular candlelit rancho.

Dinner is quite varied: we are world travelers, and love fine food and inspired palettes. Hence, you can expect

  • Ginger ­Chile Grilled Mahi­ Mahi,
  • North African Chicken,
  • North Carolina Barbecue,
  • Tuna with Wasabi,
  • Steak ala José,
  • Shrimp Étouffée,
  • Chicken Vindaloo,
  • Vietnamese Shrimp and Chicken Satay, etc

All of these deliciously fabulous dinners include six to ten interesting side dishes that are designed to perfectly accompany the main dish, and a vegetarian protein and a large variety of fresh eclectic salads, vegetables dishes and gluten ­free as well as dairy-free options. Fresh homemade bread accompanies the meal, of course.

Tasty desserts are mandatory: chocolate soufflé with coffee cream (thank you Alfred, NYC’s Gotham Bar and Grill), key lime pie with coconut crust, Rio’s famous ginger crème brulée, plum tarts, mango crisp, coconut flan, tropical cobbler, pecan pie, coconut cream pie, banana cream pie, banana chocolate cream pie.

Check out our Menu here.

My club room was beautiful, although I will go for the casita the next time around.

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Travel teaches toleration.

Benjamin Disraeli February 22, 1844

Just for kicks, on Tuesday nights we have a beach barbecue outside beneath the stars, and Friday night is Pasta Night where we have a huge Italian buffet (fabulous lasagna and eggplant parmigiana); rhythmic Latin music; and often a wild dance party, with salsa, merengue, cumbia, and bachata. Many locals come for dining and dancing; Costa Ricans love to dance, as do we.

A glass of wine is complimentary at dinner when dining at the Rancho. Salud!  At dinner in the Rancho we gather around the candlelight and listen and entertain, and laugh and think, and enjoy the beauty of the Osa. We hear tales about adventures of the day, books we may have read, insights we may have had here in paradise or elsewhere, and the oh-so­varied experiences of all of our lives (often, three or four continents are represented at dinner). The Fine Art of Conversation is savored.
For honeymooners and others who prefer private meals – no problem!

We are happy to arrange dinners on your deck, our beach deck, or even on the beach.  Pura Vida.  Also, if you or your traveling companions find the menu too exotic, you can always special order food from the Pearl while still enjoying the dining experience of the Rancho or just choose to dine at the Pearl.  We’re easy.

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