Iguana Lodge has had the pleasure of hosting spectacular parties, weddings, and group events – especially weddings, yoga retreats and large family reunions. Iguana Lodge can sleep fifty people, and we can find rooming for more when needed. (We have hosted weddings for over 100 people).  We also offer spectacular honeymoons.

  • We have a lot of room to spread out around the Lodge: From beach meetings to bonfires, choices abound re where to meet with your group, and where to get some down time on your own: including two incredibly gorgeous decks, two dining rooms, pavilions, a spa, tennis court, Rumba Room, ceramic studio, music studio, twelve acres of walking trails, pool, hammock house, beach hammocks, palapas, etc. … we got game. Even better yet, group members not only have all the above spaces to enjoy with their group, they have their own decks, their own hideouts, nooks, crannies, and corners of peaceful paradise to explore and stretch out in. So … enjoy your group, and enjoy your own personal retreat as well.

Honestly the best choice for my wife and I to spend our honeymoon. The stay was so personal that it was an intimate experience on top of being fun and ridiculously dreamlike. The sunrises were unimaginable, the meals were fantastic, and the other guests and the owners were a delight to talk to. This place has redefined how I want to travel from now on. Great Job Iguana, We will be back!!

runningb0y Grandville, Michigan "Wonderful Time with Wonderful People" TripAdvisor Nov. 5, 2015 December 22, 2015

There is an endless and crowdless black sand beach that leads into a vast blue ocean which often serves as a whales playground.

Andrea Ste Marie Hopelain Los Angeles Blog- themfdre.com December 19, 2015



We want you to be here. We are happy to customize our resort to fit with your group. Special meals? Special considerations? Timing? Nutritional Issues? We get it.

Just for kicks, on Tuesday nights we have a beach barbecue outside beneath the stars, and Friday night is Pasta Night where we have a huge Italian buffet (fabulous lasagna and eggplant parmigiana), rhythmic Latin music, and often a wild dance party, with salsa, merengue, cumbia, and bachata. Many locals come for dining and dancing; Costa Ricans love to dance, as do we.

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