Iguana Lodge is a Family Friendly Beach Resort  –

Whether it is a significant anniversary, birthday or another special occasion, Iguana Lodge is an excellent spot for Family Reunions and just celebrating life with your family.

There are plenty of places to come together, and places to get away for awhile on your own or in your own smaller family units.  We love arranging these kinds of trips.


We can put together a tailored all inclusive family reunion package that will make your visit to Costa Rica a unique and special trip.

We are very kid friendly.  Kids love our spot with a gorgeous beach boogie boards, and friendly dogs to love to go for beach walks. Kids love all the adventures too.


These one-of-a-kind reunions keep families coming back, year after year.

They will leave Iguana Lodge with lasting memories.  (A lot of families have come back years later, and many of the kids have returned as adult – telling us that their family’s Iguana Lodge vacation was the gold standard, and their best family vacation memory. No kidding!)


One of our favorite memories was a large family reunion celebrating among other things, Passover.  Turns out Iguana Lodge makes a great matzo ball soup – who knew?

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