The Osa Peninsula is famous for its gold Рbefore Corcovado National Park was formed in 1975 the whole Osa swarmed with gold miners.  After that, people continued to mine gold throughout the peninsula in areas other than the park.  Just about every Tico living on the Osa who is over the age of twenty has mined gold at some point in their lives.

For example, our chef and his family brought out huge nuggets, they say as big as fists.

So head up to Dos Brazos where you meet local gold miners, and the owner of the local pulperia who sells her milk and eggs for gold dust weighed out on an electronic scale. One of our hobbies here at Iguana Lodge is jewelry making, and the local jeweler, Rene, can make beautiful gold jewelry for you out of Osa gold. There are several organized tours that can get you gold panning, or take the Double Black Diamond Hike (extreme hikers only), and head high up into the hills where goldminers still live and work daily.

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