Iguana Lodge Gardens

There are a variety of garden opportunities here on the Osa. One of our hobbies is gardening, and over the years we have planted many different flowers, plants and trees. In fact, we have created one of the largest Native Species Gardens on the Osa – thus, becoming an important botanical garden of Costa Rica.  We are also learning about and cultivating medicinal plants of the tropics.

With help from world renowned botanists and friends, Reinaldo Aguilar and Catherine Bainbridge of Los Charcos de Osa – advisers to among others the New York Botanical Garden – we now have amassed an enviable ‘Ode to the Native Species’ Garden’. It’s great, and the myriad of birds, butterflies and moths, bats, frogs, mammals and other assorted insects and amphibians are stoked.  We recently restarted our vegetable garden, and we also grow dragon fruit.  We have organic starfruit, many species of bananas, guayaba, guanabana, maracuya, papayas, mango, avocado, cacao, zapote, and pineapple to enjoy as well.  We also have many, many flowers – including zillions of heliconias (and my personal favorite) – Sexy Pinks.

Here’s the latest and greatest update about Iguana Lodge’s gardens: IGUANA LODGE GARDENS w/ Catherine V. Bainbridge

Meanwhile, most residents of this area are gardeners, and there is a continual exchange of plants, as well as friendly night raids to liberate stock from various unnamed collectors – this means you, Steve.

Additionally a variety of guests have brought their expertise our way, and hence our gardens are lovely and continually evolving. Various types of gardens of course attract birds, butterflies, frogs, and a variety of mammals – our goal is to keep the wildlife coming our way. We have had the pleasure of many guest-gardeners, including gardener extraordinaire, Mark Robinson from San Diego. Isn’t it about time for another visit, buddy?

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