Iguana Lodge & the Music Studio

Not too long ago, we built a gorgeous air conditioned ceramic studio that happens to have INCREDIBLE acoustics – Who Knew?

Meanwhile, our electric piano was crying out to be moved into an air conditioned building – to keep it sane. SO – viola! We now have a budding music studio with two electric pianos (88 weighted keys) in an incredibly rich acoustical and visually inspiring setting. We do have guitars and congas too – so … who knows what or who will join us next?

And as we speak, Lauren is studying Chopin (Polish, 1810-1849 – died of tuberculosis – as did one out of five people in Europe at that time); Tchaikovsky -spelling this guy’s name is tough enough, much less playing his gorgeous music – (Russian – 1840 – 1893); van Beethoven (German, 1739 – 1792) and his various sons; Bach (German, 1685 – 1750), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Austrian, 1756 – 1791). Look how young some of these people were when they died. Incredible to hear what they produced – hauntingly beautiful music.

Please feel free to come play in our new Music Studio.



From Lauren and Toby Cleaver, the owners:

“It makes living life irresistible, joyful. We too appreciate fabulous hotels, perfect cuisine, and perfect moments. We think that this does happen here. We have found the right mix and invite you to join us here in paradise.  We very much enjoy meeting our guests, and remember well the days we worked long hours in Colorado. Because we believe that many of our guests have very full lives, our goal is to provide a spot where guests can relax, explore the natural wonders of the Osa, and enjoy the beauty of their lives, while helping to preserve this peninsula through sustainable ecotourism.”

​Lauren’s piano teacher is Crystal Lee in Boulder.



“There is something special about this place, this peninsula and the adventures that exist here, along with the interesting folk that this peninsula attracts, including vacationers, foreign residents, and the fabulous Costa Ricans.”

Lauren and Toby Cleaver

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