Welcome to the Iguana Lodge Native Species Gardens…

Located on the pedestrian boulevard of “La Gloria de Platanares,” and throughout our trails, gardens and our Native Species Jungle Trail, we have over fifty native species here. Most species are found both in Costa Rica and the Osa. Some species however are found only on the Osa. We have kept a few non-native species in this area, such as fruit trees. This project is in conjunction with Reinaldo Aguilar and Catherine V. Bainbridge of Los Charcos de Osa (specializing in scientific investigation and conservation of plants) and the Municipality of Golfito. We hope to expand this pro gram with the help of our neighbors to encompass the entire length of the Boulevard. We hope that the community enjoys this project.


As you may know, Iguana Lodge has one of the largest Native Species Gardens on the Peninsula. I have created a spreadsheet of many of the plants in our garden. I thought it would be helpful for all you gardeners on the Osa, when planting, to see what is native and what isn’t.

Click here to view a spreadsheet of many of those species  (Note:  it is in need of an update!)


Reinaldo and Catherine originally led us down this native species path, and are the true experts (as we all know from the great photos and info that Reinaldo posts all the time).  Read more about Iguana Lodge Gardens here.

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