On the Best Beach on the Osa Peninsula

Fortunately for us (and you), we are located on the best beach on the Osa, bar none. We decided to move here when we took a swim.

  • This six mile long, gorgeous, deserted stretch of beach is made for swimming, boogie boarding, paddle boarding, and kayaking – and as luck would have it, a new fast surf break has developed in the last few years as well.
  • We have a reef less than a half mile out, so you can kayak, paddle board, or take a strenuous swim to the nearby reef and snorkel for hours.
  • The warm tropical water is sublime – around 84°F (29°C).
  • In the evenings the bioluminescence often comes out – so swimming becomes a Tinkerbell-esque experience.  Really cool.
  • Unlike just about every other spot on the Osa, our beach is sandy and swimmable.  (While all hotels show sandy beaches in the promo shots – the truth is that our location has the only sandy beach in and out of the water.  There are other great gorgeous beaches, but when you step into the water, you realize there is slippery treacherous rock underneath… just saying).
  • You can walk for miles without seeing another person, but you can’t avoid the scarlet macaws.


Beach on the Osa Peninsula
Dolphin watching - Osa Peninsula
Beach life in costa rica
beach life on the osa
Deserted beach at Iguana Lodge
Costa rica for kids

We have a great places for you to relax on and around the beach, such as our beach deck overlooking the surf with deck chairs and yoga mats, as well as a sprinkling of native palapas and a large hammock shack right on the beach.  We even have Wifi out there – and sometimes take our work to the beach…hah!

  • We provide beach sarongs and beach mats.
  • Use of our kayaks, boogie boards, and paddle boards are complimentary.

On Tuesday nights we have a festive beach barbecue under the stars, and there are frequent volleyball matches on the beach in front of the Pearl. This beach is where our Iguana Lodge Turtle Project takes place. During the season (May through December) if you are lucky you can see turtles nesting and baby turtles hatching.

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