Beach Life

Fortunately for us (and you), we are located on the best beach on the Osa, no kidding. We decided to move here when we took a swim.  Enjoy our…

  • Six mile long, gorgeous, deserted stretch of beach – made for swimming, boogie boarding, paddle boarding, and kayaking – and as luck would have it, a new fast surf break has developed in the last few years as well.
  • Reef less than a half mile out, so you can kayak, paddle board, or swim to the nearby reef and snorkel for hours.
  • Warm tropical water.  It’s sublime – around eighty-four degrees.
  • Bioluminescence in the evenings – swimming becomes a Tinkerbell-esque experience.  Really cool.
  • Sandy and swimmable beach –  unlike everywhere else around.  (While all hotels show sandy beaches in the promo shots – the truth is that our location has the only sandy beach in and out of the water.  There are other great gorgeous beaches, but when you step into the water, you realize there is slippery treacherous rock underneath… just saying).
  • You can walk for miles without seeing another person, but you can’t avoid the scarlet macaws.


The Osa Peninsula isn't for's the's remote. But it's also Costa Rica's last frontier. Wild and untamed. If that's your idea of heaven...there is no place better to enjoy it than Iguana Lodge. I promise.

radiogirlpuppy Alexandria, Virginia "BEST PLACE IN OSA....JUNGLE LOVE!" TripAdvisor Nov 5, 2015 December 21, 2015

The food is just spectacular. I would normally expect to become a little bored with even very good food after a whole week of eating at the same place (especially since I'm a total foodie and I have VERY high standards when it comes to cuisine), but it never happened. Incredible.

LauraM576 Washington, DC Trip Advisor December 19, 2015

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