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Costa Rica represents less than 0.3% of the world’s landmass but contains over 5% of global biodiversity.  Within this very small geographic area, the Osa Peninsula contains 2.5% of the earth’s biodiversity, including many species found nowhere else on the planet.

In fact, National Geographic describes the Osa as, “One of the most biologically intense places on Earth.”   So, check it out!

There are many different hikes offered on the Osa. We have seen over time that the word “hike” is defined differently by many people. Some people want a vigorous eight hour hike, others want to quietly stroll through primary rainforest, amassing rainforest information while appreciating the fine sights and sounds in a calm fashion.  Some people want to see wildlife, others are more interested in eco-systems such as the “Old Forest.”  We specialize in finding good fits for all travelers.

You can take an easy stroll around Iguana Lodge and the nearby refuge where you can see three species of monkeys, anteaters, sloths, toucans, and macaws. You can head down to Matapalo, where the wildlife is plentiful, and the scenery gorgeous with a dramatic waterfall during most of the year – and also home to several surf spots. Meanwhile, some folks want to head onto roads less traveled, like Corcovado National Park, Rio Piru, Rio Carbonera, the Double Black Diamond Goldminer Hike, etc.

For the extreme hiker:  Try the ten hour, 12 mile hike thru the heart of Osa – drinking coffee with gold miners – “The Double Black Diamond Kick Ass Killer Hike”.  (Sidnar, your guide, won’t break a sweat.  You need to be in great physical shape and sign a release(!) – then off you go!  Obviously this is not for everyone, nor should it be; but there is something for everyone here on the Osa: our staff is really good at tuning into what you are your group want to experience!

Please note that to enter into Corcovado National Park, entries permits much be secured, and are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. If your heart is set on going into the park, please advise us prior to your arrival so we can have plenty of time to arrange the permits.

Explore some of the thirteen ecosystems on the Osa, including the Tropical Wet Forest (the only forest of its type that still exists on the Pacific side of Central America), the Tropical Moist Forest, the Tropical Premontane Wet Forest, the Forest in Deep Valleys, the Coastal Forest, The Riverine Forest, The Cloud Forest, The Gallery Woodlands, and … The Swamp Forest. Whew!

Check out gold mining country, horseback trails, and Corcovado National Park. We can introduce you to the Osa.

Whether hiking, birding, horseback riding, or searching for gold; zip lining, tree climbing…waterfall rappelling, please join us in seeing this magnificent display of nature.

Hiking in the Dark, in the Night, Up a River, Through the Woods…. Snakey!

We offer great night hikes in our nearby refuge, as well as up the Rio Nuevo. You can see all sorts of animals, reptiles, and insects. You will need flashlights, with a healthy interest in snakes, spiders, and other things that crawl around in the night. Bring your gumption.

Check out our bartender, Gabriel, filming an Ocelot at Iguana Lodge.  Gabriel was getting ready to head home. As he took the trash out, Gabriel found this ocelot right in the employee parking area:  Ocelet.

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...done a marvelous job in creating a lodge that is fun, interesting and in keeping with the highest standards of ecological conservation and sustainability. Regardless of your bias (yoga, nature, birding, beach activities, relaxing) Iguana will satisfy your needs.

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