Home to almost 463 species of birds; 140 species of mammals (including 25 species of dolphins and whales – the only place on the globe where northern and southern populations of humpback whales meet – and four species of sea turtles;116 species of amphibians and reptiles, over 700 species of trees and more than10,000 species of insects…there is plenty of wildlife to be seen. Click here for the Species List.

Wherever you go on the Osa – wildlife is nearby. Depending upon your goals, we can recommend a variety of different adventures. Check out the kinkajous, sloths (two toed or three?), barrels of monkeys, agoutis (really?), tapirs (why not?), cats (we’re not talking house cats), toucans, tyras and tanagers, peccaries (collared or white-lipped?), crab eating raccoons, anteaters, etc, etc, etc.

Of course, not to missed if it’s in your budget: Head into Corcovado National Park – Incredible.

Tracking five types of big cats: jaguars, pumas, jaguarundis, ocelots, and margays… enjoy meeting Aida Bustamonte and learning about her NGO,Yaguara. She has one of the largest camera trap programs in the world (presently with cameras all over the Osa), and knows more about the cats on the Osa than anyone else. She often does Big Cat Presentations here at the Lodge, and is available occasionally to do private day tours for extremely interested individuals.

Meanwhile, at the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary (click here) Carol Patrick and her staff work to rehab and care for the injured wildlife of the Osa.

Its location on the beach and views are spectacular!

Stephen Mulholland Pennsylvania Trip Advisor December 19, 2015

Yoga with Tracy was great. Treat yourself to a massage with her as well, it was the most relaxing experience, (sound of the jungle and ocean as she rubs your aches and pains away).

dervishgirl_13, Canada Trip Advisor December 19, 2015


We would love to be part of making your adventure to Costa Rica a reality. Iguana Lodge is magical and throughout its sixteen year existence, our guests report extraordinary experiences.  Pura Vida.

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