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Iguana Lodge has two incredibly gorgeous yoga & movement studios

  • Beachfront (1130 sq/ft)
  • Poolside (1288 sq/ft) w/ two optional Walls of Mirrors

We host a myriad of retreats. Yogis from around the planet pop in to dog it up.  Check out our retreat schedule.

Yoga in the tropics is sublime, no need to turn up the heat ala bikram or turn on a tape recorder: just get into the jungle and the beach –  listen to the waves, macaws overhead, watch the monkeys do their swinging vinyasa. Pura Vida.

Click here to read about how to bring a Retreat to Iguana Lodge.

Check out our friend, Matt Giordano (PS – this was not shot at Iguana Lodge – LOL)

And here is a great video of our Pool Side Studio.

I missed my family so much that I promised myself that I would have to bring them there in the near future. There were inter-generational families galore at the Iguana--and the Lodge and the Osa seem to have something of value for everyone out there.

Anu0818 Cincinnati, Ohio Visit Iguana Lodge as soon as you can! TripAdvisor Dec. 31, 2015 January 1, 2016


Join us here for yoga, stretching, movement, dance, and mind and body wellness. We have Yoga Classes, Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings.  Iguana Lodge has been rated as one of the best yoga destinations in Central America, which means we are attracting the best of the best – join us!



Iguana offers occasional complimentary yoga classes if the resident yogini is in the mood.  Check out what Lauren’s class looks like here. Iguana also has other yoga teacher options available for a fee. You are always welcome to use the studios on your own, and often you can join retreats at the spur of the moment (depending upon the teacher). Check out also salsa, bachata and cumbia lessons here.  Read some more about Yoga and Movement Retreats here.

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