Recent conversation overheard on our Court during a speed doubles tournament:

Bystander Q: Who’s winning?

A: We’re all winning, ’cause we’re all playing tennis. (That’s from our zen friend, Brad Mobley, who lives on the Osa and when not playing tennis work with solar energy and plays with his family.)

Please join us on our fabulous Tennis Court –

We have racquets and balls – no shoes required. LOL.

Iguana Lodge is pleased to announce that Dan Dicke has been awarded the Iguana Lodge Official Tennis Coach Title.  YAY!! Let us know if you want to sign up for Dan Dicke’s next retreat. Dan is from the Gates Tennis Center in Denver, and a delightful human being / tennis coach – we LOVE this guy! We also have a variety of locals who are great at tennis, and many who aren’t… but we’re getting better!  Come Play!

BTW, playing on our court at any time of day makes for spectacular birding.