Dolphins, Whales, Whale Sharks and Sea Turtles


The Golfo Dulce is home to 25 species of dolphins and whales – and is the only place on the globe where northern and southern populations of humpback whales meets – and five species of sea turtles, not to mention manta rays, whale sharks, sea turtles, schooling fish, and myriads of seabirds.

One of the best way to see and appreciate this spectacular sea life is to hop on a boat, and check it all out.

Various tour companies offer dolphin spotting and whale spotting adventures. Year round throughout the Golfo Dulce there are three types of dolphins: spinners, spotted, and the bottlenose. Guests heading out to dolphin spot often find themselves in pods of a hundred or more dolphins.


Meanwhile, humpback whale season is not to be missed (think August), and can be fully appreciated in a boat, but you can also kayak or paddleboard out to see them – they breach right off our beach – and you can often see them while sipping a cool cocktail on your balcony.

When in season, not to missed are the awesome whale sharks that enter the Golfo Dulce – often from January to March. Check out the photos above with snorkelers swimming with Whale Sharks!

A couple different companies offer these great adventures – they bring snorkeling equipment, and when conditions are right, plane boarding can be enjoyed as well. This is an excellent adventure!

This adventure can be combine with the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary Tour as well.


FYI, for years we were all able to swim with the dolphins. While some companies still do this, others no longer do – as it is against the law in Costa Rica. There is recent debate within Costa Rica as to whether that law should be repealed.

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