Visiting The Osa

  • The Osa Peninsula is one of the last frontiers, so says National Geographic. It has a world famous jungle, is one of the most bio-diverse locations on earth, and is truly remote.  Much of the Osa Peninsula is only accessible by foot, horse, or boat, and is not served by utility companies. If you are looking for the Marriott or Las Vegas or the Marriott in Las Vegas, you have come to the wrong spot. Turn back now. Do not pass go.
  • Puerto Jimenez is the gateway to the Osa Peninsula and is easy to get to from San Jose. During the high season there are eight or more flights a day. The airport is about ten minutes from Iguana Lodge.  Arriving on the Osa via bus or rental car is a much heartier commitment, given the status of roads and many other factors.
  • Puerto Jimenez was a gold mining town for decades: you can still meet the occasional gold miner down from the hills cashing in his gold dust for supplies, or see the campesinos riding their horses up into the hills.  Puerto Jimenez has several restaurants, bars, simple shops, several bank, two internet cafes, a Public Library with both English and Spanish books, and the ubiquitous Latin American soccer field, where large flocks of scarlet macaws appear almost every afternoon.  There is a medical clinic, and a couple souvenir shops, as well as a local art gallery, jewelry store, hardware store, discothèque (our favorite), and several grocery stores.  The drinking water is no problem, but we recommend the beer.
  • Because of the Osa’s remoteness, supply lines and machinery may break down.  We may not have pecan pie or our microbrew beer (God Forbid!) available once in awhile, even though both appear on the menu.  It is not unheard of that one of the tours we promote closes down all of a sudden, as they can’t get the tools they need to do the job correctly, etc.  This is the price we willingly pay for living on “one of the last great frontiers.”  We roll with it, as  do all gracious Global Travelers.  Why be a Tourist, When you can be a Traveler? Pura Vida!
  • If you are visiting during September – mid-November, this is when the rains may be particularly heavy.  It’s a great place to be if you like peaceful solitude.  During that time, some of our workers may be on vacation, and local tour companies may be shut down. Check with us if you have your heart set on some particular employee (such as Jose, our World Class Chef) or tour (i.e. Andy’s Tree Climb) being available.

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