Guides – with a real passion for what they do

The Osa Peninsula is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world,  You would be lost exploring it without one of these world class guides.

World class tour guides on the Osa Peninsula are not just an encyclopedia of facts; but intimately know the environment, the wildlife and the ecosystem; love what they are doing; can not stop telling you about it all and infect you with their passion of the Osa.

Sidnar Quintero, the naturalist at Iguana Lodge, is one such world class guide on the Osa. Each morning Sidnar arrives at Iguana Lodge carrying a high end spotting scope, to give complementary nature walks to any guests who are interested. With coffee in hand, one can stroll with Sidnar often seeing sloths, anteaters, howler squirrel and white faced monkey (to name a few), raucous macaws and the extraordinary and diverse bird life around the Lodge. For those who really want to explore the Osa, Sidnar will take you into remote areas of the Osa, including Corcovado National Park,


“And if you want to take a hike or see the rainforest you won’t find a better guide than Sidnar…hands down! Heather L. Mosley Linhardt, Missouri, TripAdvisor.

With Sidnar, you never know what he will show you next. He often has a frog, snake or other interesting rainforest creature close at hand. (Sometimes almost too close!) Check out the photo above of him bringing an iguana by to meet the guests during lunch!


Other guides include:

Andy Pruter from Everyday Adventures: Andy is originally from California and is a biologist. He offers a variety of hiking and high adventures tours, and is one of the key personalities (and flavorful characters) that so enrich our lives. He and his wife and two children live in Matapalo.  (See him wrapping a lovely boa about his wife and small child below.)


Mike Boston of Osa Aventura Tours is a lively Irish biologist who has lived here for many years, and is typically found hiking somewhere in Corcovado. He is active in a variety of studies designed to preserve the wildlife of the Osa, and offers a variety of tours, specializing in several day outings in Corcovado, as well as a full day adventures near Carate to meet hardy gold miners.

Aida Bustamante of Yaguara studies the big cats of the Osa.

Carol Patrick and the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary save the lives of animals throughout the Osa.


So when the adventure is over, you can head back to your Casita or tree house and enjoy excellent food and an even better vibe at Iguana Lodge

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